could i qualify for a mortgage

Answer: You do NOT need to pay off the entire tax debt that you owe in order to qualify for a mortgage! Depending on the type of mortgage you are applying for – FHA or Fannie Mae Conforming, you will need to meet certain requirements. I’ll breakdown what you need to do to qualify for each loan type below.

The modified mortgage request for payment never came though. Instead, I received a letter telling me I did not qualify for.

To qualify for a mortgage, you’ll have to prove to your lender that you can afford the amount you’re asking for. Mortgage lenders or brokers will use your financial information to calculate your total monthly housing costs and total debt load to determine what you can afford.

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A mortgage application can be complicated, and requires several documents but as a minimum you will need provide evidence of income and outgoings as well as some identification. There are a few things.

Even though you may qualify for the amount listed above, it may not be suitable for you. You should review your personal situation, and work with your financial advisor, to decide how much you can comfortably afford to borrow. Subject to individual program loan limits.

During that waiting period, you must keep your new developing credit record clean. If you run into trouble, you might have to restart the clock. For instance, if your mortgage is foreclosed a year after your bankruptcy case is discharged, you’ll have another waiting period before you can qualify.

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You could qualify for a mortgage as quickly as one year after your bankruptcy is discharged. It depends on what type of bankruptcy you filed, what kind of loan you are pursuing, and how long a “waiting period” is involved, but if you get your financial house in order – specifically repair the damage to your credit score – you could walk.

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