Real Estate Agent Vs Loan Officer

3. How to Hire a Loan Officer and Real Estate Agent – While there are many similarities in the way that you hire a loan officer and a real estate agent, there are very stark differences as well. Here’s another perspective for hiring a real estate agent. hiring a Real Estate Agent. Author’s Note: This article was contributed by a Real Estate Agent friend of mine.

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Loan Officer Advantages vs. a Realtor – Loan Officer. – In terms of work, Real Estate Agents still have it harder than Loan Officer’s. A lot of work is involved when trying to put together a deal. An Loan Officer can punch in a scenario and say yes it can work, or no it can’t. Other than that, they deal directly with the buyer to retrieve necessary documentation.

Mortgage Broker vs. Loan Officer : RealEstate – reddit – Both have their pros and cons. Mortgage brokers may have a better variety of investors and rates (although most loan officers of correspondent lenders do too nowdays). The plus side of using a loan officer versus a mortgage broker is that they typically have in-house underwriting, so in theory (YMMV) obstacles should be able to be dealt with quickly and more efficiently at that level.

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How to Buy a House Part 2: Lenders, Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Loan Pre-Qualification – prequalify for a mortgage and why you need a good real estate agent. Their guests include Director of Strategic Products Elizabeth Robertson and Loan Officer Marcia Boyer of Gateway Mortgage Group, as.

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Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Loan Officer Career: Which Is. – Becoming a real estate agent or a mortgage loan officer is a question of what side of the real estate industry coin you want to be on. Before you can answer this question it is crucial to know what these two positions require in terms of education and what some of your duties will be.

Ask the Expert: Should I be a loan officer or a realtor? – Good questions and thanks for coming to the webinar. First, I can’t tell you whether to be a loan officer or a real estate agent without knowing more about you -but I can say that it should be.

Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents: A Special Relationship – To that end, the real estate agents often refer their clients to loan officers for mortgage help. The Real Estate Settlement Act, or RESPA, ensures that there can be no transactional benefit between real estate agents and loan officers. The lender shouldn’t even take the agent out to lunch as a thanks.

Loan Officer vs Mortgage Broker – YouTube – Understanding the difference between a bank Lender, Loan Officer, and a Mortgage Broker with Bay Area Realtor Phil Evans and Loan Officer Phil Caulfield.