what happens if i back out of buying a house

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I signed a purchase agreement to buy a house but haven't. – The question is, what can happen if you back out. 1. you can lose your deposit. 2. the seller can sue you to perform (purchase the house as you agreed to) 3. if the seller resells the house and it’s for less then you had agreed to, then he can sue you for damages (the amount that they lost). The reason(s) you want to back out really don’t matter.

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can I be sued for backing out of buying a house? | Yahoo Answers – Can I be sued for backing out of buying a house?. Basically, if you just back out with out good cause, you may be sued for damages. In CA, the seller must prove their damages, (loss of rent, depreciation, other offers turned down to accept yours, etc).. what could happen?

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